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" Blue Sea Arts Website " reminds you:please be sure to carefully read and thoroughly understand this statement before using services offered by “Blue Sea Arts Website”. Please contact us via email for any inquiries. Please stop using this webside if you don’t agree to the agreement terms. If you use the services provided by Blue Sea Arts Website , your usage of this website will be considered as fully understood and in compliance with this agreement.



Blue Sea Arts  portable Promotion network publishing platform:include a one-stop promotion (website: blueseaarts.com) 、

Egret IP, Egret trademark、WuXingHuang trademark and Mobile phone micro-channel publishing, technical support provided by Clickr and Eqxiu.com、WeiBo、WeChat、FaceBook etc For networks and Technical Support,Macau Blue Sea Arts  Co., Ltd. independent mobile promotion platform;When you use the " Blue Sea Arts Webside " one-stop promotion of publishing platforms, you agree that you have read, understood and complied to all the contents of the Terms of Service.


1. Services:

1) Blue Sea Arts Webside serves art lovers、Professionals , businesses or cultural and creative enterprises, there is no nationality , gender and age restrictions. The purpose is to promote the releasing of products, art, cultural and creative content, and related activities through the Blue Sea Arts Webside , utilizing the advantages of foreign participation in the development of mobile networks of mobile commerce in Macau. Therefore,You understand that "Blue Sea Arts Webside " is a commercial website that provide information on products, art, business, promotion, and you agree that you empower this site to promote all products, content and expression of art and bear all legal responsibilities.

2)" Blue Sea Arts Website "All modules provided in website home page+Module function services requires a signed license agreement or confirm with the customer,requires a signed promotion agreemen,The customer's product and marketing content does not represent " Blue Sea Arts Website "s Stance and the responsibilty will be taken by the person that organizes Transmission, posting or publication of the content.

3 ) All module + function and service elements , “Blue Sea Arts Webside ” page to provide needs to promote the signing of a licensing agreement with the customer, the customer's product and marketing does not represent a "Blue Sea Arts Webside " position , shall be authorized to disseminate , post , or poster I own responsibility . "Blue Sea Arts Webside " for network client is not responsible for the authenticity of the remarks.

"Blue Sea Arts Webside " promote the release of a variety of products , art and news and information, these are made by the person authorized to provide sources of information , "Blue Sea Arts Webside" only as providing mobile content to promote the release of the media. Any Profile, image , product , or service information as well as works of art activity information , etc submitted customers and Blue Sea Arts Webside will take no responsibility for any cases of dispute.

4)  All e-mail client and its associated data received via the "Blue Sea Arts Webside "will be considered personal communication between the client and the Blue Sea Arts Webside and Customers must keep strictly prohibited to disclose the content of communications to third parties. For any cases of dispute, customers will bear all the responsibility.

5)Take Egret IP、Egret and WuXingHuan trademark, the promotion and operation content derived from the authorization is subject to the authorization agreement signed by BlueSeaArts Co., Ltd.


2."Blue Sea Arts Webside " Privacy Policy:

1)From " Blue Sea Arts Webside " save your promotion -related materials and other relevant information are following " Privacy Policy" of this website is protected and norms.

2) Customer 's compliance obligations and commitments:

You promise not to use or any illegal methods "Blue Sea Arts Webside " service for any illegal purpose,And promise to abide by the relevant laws of the Macao Special Administrative Region.You agree and promise not to make use of this site and services in the interests of illegal behavior or infringement , including, but not limited to:

a) Publish or transmit any defamatory, abusive, threatening , offensive, indecent, obscene, false, contrary to public order or good customs or other lawless text, images or any other form of file in the "Blue sea Arts Webside " of extension services on;

b) Infringement of reputation , privacy , trade secrets , trademarks, copyrights , patents, other intellectual property and other rights;

c) A violation of the law or contractual confidentiality obligations incumbent upon;

d) Use impersonation in the name of "Blue Sea Arts Webside " promotion services;

e) Transmit or distribute a computer virus;

f) Engage in criminal conduct or false transaction posting and messages that introduces / criminal acts.;

g) Other issues considered as inappropriate by "Blue Sea Arts Webside ".

3. intellectual property rights declaration

1)Intellectual Property Ownership

Blue Sea Arts Webside unless otherwise stated , all products, technologies, software , programs, data and other information released Blue Sea Arts Mobile promotion within the platform ( including, but not limited to text, images, graphics , photos, audio , video , graphics, colors , layout design, electronic documents) of all intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright , trademarks, patents , trade secrets , etc.) and related rights , are owned by Blue Sea Arts , authorized persons and companies. Art without the blue sea arts , the authorized person and company permission, anyone will be not allowed to use ( including, but not limited to, copy, distribute , display, image, upload , download).

Blue Sea Arts Webside’s Logo、"Blue Sea arts" text, graphics and combinations thereof, and other identifying Blue Sea Arts Website, sign in mind , product and service names without the written authorization of Blue Sea Arts (Copyright owner or authorized),No person shall in any way show, use or modify in any way,nor showcasing to others to imply that you have the right to display, use or otherwise dealt with .

2)Limitation of Liability

a. Given the commercial nature of the services provided by Blue Sea Arts Webside,Blue Sea Arts Website products, artwork , exhibition information , event publishing, personal and institutional associations Introduction

(Including but not limited to the shop name , company name, contact person and contact information, product descriptions and instructions , related images , video, etc.)are uploaded and authorized by authors/customers,All information provided by the client and upload it authorized to bear the corresponding legal responsibility. " Blue Sea Arts Website " shares artworks(Including forum content)for informational and promotional purposes,It does not mean that this site agree with their views or have confirmed their authenticity.

b.The usage of this website should be accompanied with parental advice if you are under eighteen years of age. Parents should understand and agree that all content and subsequent modification of the terms of this service after the change. When you use or continue to use the " Blue Sea Arts Webside " , it means that your parents ( or guardians ) have read, understood and agree to accept the change and subsequent changes to all of the content of the Terms of Service .

4、Intellectual Property Protection

Blue Sea Arts respect intellectual property rights against piracy.

The intellectual property rights of people think the Blue Sea Art website promotion content published(Including but not limited to the Blue Sea Arts Webside had authorized the release of product information to others)May be suspected of violation of their legitimate rights and interests, contact information can be provided by the Blue Sea Arts website upon written notification, you will receive timely treatment Blue Sea Arts Webside.

1 . Privacy Policy

There will be no need to provide additional information if Internet users visit the site only for general information; Site users or customers will need to provide basic personal information ( all site services will not require users to provide identity card number, you need to verify exceptions in business and law issues), only when you ask Blue Sea Arts Webside offers the following services: 

a. Subscription to publications or electronic books and other content products. 

b. Requirements blue ocean art website to help promote products , artwork, profiles ( individuals, companies and community organizations ) , all kinds of cultural and creative activities and exhibition information , public events and other promotional services.

c. Links to conclude partnership , cooperation and other promotional authorize all types of businesses.

 When you choose the mentioned a, b, c options in the content requirements, you must your real name , contact telephone number, contact e-mail and information.

 This website collects your basic information , The purpose of collecting your basic information is to get in touch with after the registration of service information on this web site;If you fail to provide the required information, the site will not be able to process your request. If there is reasonable doubt of the information provided to site, we will cancel your registration without notice.


2. Disclosure of information

 a.  "Blue Sea Arts Website" do not disclose your information to others. Disclosure of your personal information in accordance with law only after given your consent, Or in the following cases: 

‧Based on the requirements of legal procedures by judicial or other authority;

‧To protect the property and interests of the "Blue Sea Arts Website " services and related website;

‧Or in an emergency , to protect the "Blue Sea Arts Site" service users or the public interest or personal safety.

b.Through Web Services transmitted or posted(Reprinted release) on any part of this website ,

 Question inquiry, opinion, recommendations and etc, other than personal information, are treated as non-confidential and nonproprietary information in the form of resources available to this site. This site has the right to copy the information, disclosure, transmission, publication and broadcast.

c. Based on the development and promotion of various services, This site provided information to other legitimate partner.


3.  Prohibited from engaging in violations of the law :

"Blue Sea Arts Website" has the final decision to determine whether or no the user's behavior is consistent with standards. If the "Blue Sea Arts Webside " decides users are in violation of the Company Act or any specification , users can consent at any time to stop using "Blue Sea Arts Webside " of all extension services. Users in violation of the law shall bear legal responsibility. "Blue Sea Arts Website" Can not wait for the notification, cancel or stop at any time customer service qualifications or restrictions on, the customer shall not require compensation or reparation.

4. Damage Compensation:

Violation of the relevant laws and regulations or due to customer breaching  any of the terms of service payments, causing "Blue Sea Arts Webside" or other related person thereby damage or expenses ( including but not limited to due to civil , criminal and administrative procedures for the disbursement of attorneys' fees) , the customer shall bear liability for damages or to fill their costs.


5. Legal terms:

The terms of the interpretation and application services, the rights and obligations of the customer service and the use of the site between "Blue Sea Arts Webside " should be in accordance with laws of the Macao Special Administrative Region. Court settlement according to the laws of the Macao Special Administrative Region will resolve any arising disputes. "Blue Sea Arts Website" welcome you to reflect the views of this part Conventions. Please get in touch with us through the Blue Sea Arts website’s Contact if you think there is anything the site services in violation of the terms of the website,"Blue Sea Art Website" ( Macau Special Administrative Region of China )

The above terms of service are subject to Chinese.

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